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NRA & Las Vegas

The NRA is ready to deny that the latest gun tragedy in USA is due to the unique laws in USA regarding gun control.  Beyond the simple meaning of the verb to deny, there is the expression ‘in denial’ which has a more particular meaning, which could be paraphrased as in a state of blind … Continue reading NRA & Las Vegas


Magnetic attraction, babe magnet, these collocations are what mostly springs to mind but it is only opposite poles of  magnets which attract each other while like poles repel.  But magnets attract other objects apart from magnets so the attraction idea is the dominant one but maybe the repulsive aspect could be used creatively.  If you … Continue reading Magnet


What is an apprentice?  An unpaid skivvy exploited as many a modern intern, or a valued pupil on the first steps to becoming a master craftsman?  To one who remembers the old joke that an intellectual is someone who can listen to the William Tell Overture without thinking of the The Lone Ranger, this word … Continue reading Apprentice


Knitting or serial killers, which would you prefer. Knitting patterns can be fun even if you don’t knit. Did you know that Roger Moore did some modelling for knitting patterns.  This was brought to the TV audiences attention on a famous UK chat show.  If looks could kill.  The other major use I know for patterns … Continue reading Pattern

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